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Using Logos and Graphics

Appropriate Use of Secondary Logos

A consistent, visible, and recognizable identity is a vital part of Boise State University’s mission as a Metropolitan Research University of Distinction.  As the university grows in size, the public brand is increasingly important.

With respective individual departments, all of these units collectively represent the university and are under the umbrella of Boise State.  The collective image of the university should be consistent in its message by using print, digital, and Web materials that reflect the image and brand identity of Boise State University.   Use of secondary logos, which are often used as primary logos with the University logo as an afterthought, are counter to the consistent voice and message we hope to strengthen.

Most secondary logos, such as individual logos for departments, programs, or centers, are prohibited because they reduce the impact and effectiveness of the university’s brand identity.  These diverse units may market to the same or completely different audiences, yet none of these parts stand alone.  As the recognition and understanding of the university as a whole grows, awareness of individual departments is also enhanced.

There is a responsibility to ensure that the Boise State brand and imagery is used consistently and appropriately by all.  A unified campus with one brand and one mission will bring strength and growth to the university.  A clear message and visual image will highlight the fact that Boise State University is a multifaceted, but unified organization, from locker room to research lab seeking to fulfill the University mission to become a unified Metropolitan Research University of Distinction.

Want to learn more about Brand Standards?

The University Brand Standards can be found here:  The Brand Standards include information regarding approved fonts, stationery layout, use of logo and approved companion marks.