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Reproduction of Sports Schedules

If you are a local businesses that wishes to create magnets or mailers for your customers that include the Boise State Broncos sports schedules, you may not use any Boise State logos or other trademarks or indicia without separate permission.  The sports schedules, in and of themselves on the basis of their informational content, may be reproduced so long as the way they are presented is purely informational and there is no use of any logos or Boise State indicia other than the name BOISE STATE.

There must be no use of any advertising or any implication that the University sponsors or endorses the business producing the item.   The University Director of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement will review proposed sports schedule designs to ensure that there are no infringement issues.  You may email to have your proposed design reviewed.

Acceptable informational use, for example, would involve a schedule containing the date of the game; the name Boise State; the opponent school; time of game, all in the same font and style with no emphasis given to Boise State and no use of Boise State logos.

Usage, particularly with the logo of a product or company, in which Boise State is represented in larger or more prominent type, would be considered an infringement of the rights that the University has in its trademarks.   Similarly, use of any other mark, image, graphic or colors associated with the University together with the presentation of the schedule would be viewed as infringement.  An example would be the use of the stadium, blue turf, a horse or other identifiable campus elements or university indicia.

Below is an example of a reproduction of the sports schedule providing factual information, without any infringing marks or references.

reproduction of sports schedule.2015-09-30