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University Departments

Departments must use a licensed vendor to produce any merchandise or apparel with the Boise State name, trademarks or other university identifying feature. This applies for the following:

  • for the department/organization’s own use (e.g. team shirts)
  • for promotional purposes (giveaways, premiums and such like)
  • for items to be sold for fundraising*

*Departments may not make any Boise State branded items available for sale, as the University Bookstore/Bronco Shop is the exclusive retailer on campus (see University Policy #9200).  In limited circumstances, the Bookstore may grant an exemption to permit limited sales for fundraising and/or will offer the ability to sell merchandise on the department’s behalf see this link

Move in day at Boise State University

Move-in Day, Allison Corona photo

Departments looking for Boise State branded items (non-department specific) should first check with the Boise State Bookstore and Bronco Shop. The Bookstore supplies Boise State generic notebooks, pad-folios, pens, lapel pins and many other licensed promotional products.

Departments are not required to use a licensed vendor for printed materials using the University logos, but should obtain artwork approval from   (For printed materials please click on this link)

Department Marks

To present a consistent and strong brand, Department’s have been provided with specific logos, known as “marks”. More information can be found on Brand Standards.

Department Companion Mark

A Department Companion Mark includes the College and Department name. These are provided directly to Departments and are not advised to be used on merchandise.


Department Merchandise Mark

Department Merchandise Marks include the Department name in a larger font size and is to be used on merchandise only.


These are provided directly to licensees producing merchandise pieces. To request a merchandise mark, please see the downloadable guide below.


GUIDE.Department Merchandise Orders