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On-campus promotional ideas

Want to promote your department?  If you are looking for generic Boise State products we suggest you check with our exclusive on-campus retailer, the Boise State Bookstore. The Bookstore supplies Boise State generic notebooks, pad-folios, pens, lapel pins and many other licensed promotional products.

For departments looking for custom items or department specific promotional products; our licensees are able to help offer you different products across different price points.  Please remember to notify the Office of Trademark Licensing of your order, so that we can send the licensee the correct Merchandise Mark to be used.  (See here for more information on the Merchandise Mark for your department).

A number of templates have been developed with our licensees which should ease your ordering process.  Some examples of most often requested items are set out below.  Please contact the Office of Trademark Licensing if you have any questions or require more information.


Due to the size of pens, it is difficult to include your department Companion Mark.  We recommend using the formats set out here at this link.  Some examples are shown below (images courtesy of In The Bag Promotions)

Pen proof example

Pen options example

Pen exampleIf you do not wish to add any further information, such as website address or phone number, your Merchandise Mark could work well on a pen.  Please contact the Office of Trademark Licensing and have them work with your proposed vendor to get the correct Merchandise Mark.

Art proof courtesy of 4ImprintPen example using merch mark


Table cloths are a great way to display your department, particularly at conferences.  You could either use your department Companion Mark on your tablecloth.  Alternatively consider instead having your department name at the top in large Gotham font, with the University Signature Mark below it (allowing sufficient clear space around the Signature Mark).  Having the name of your department at the top of the table cloth may be an easier way to highlight which department you are from in a crowded room.

Table cloth with Companion Mark   College of Nursing Booth

Artproof courtesy of 4Imprint, Photo courtesy of Tamara Martinez-Anderson, School of Nursing

IMAGE.Security Table Cloth Example.2015-08-152

Artproof courtesy of

In The Bag PromotionsTable cloth example

Orange Table Cloth

An example of a one-color print table cloth from our Student Involvement Department:

PHOTO.Tablecloth.Fraternities and Sororities.2015-08-31


We strongly encourage departments to use University Sign Shop for printed materials, including displays and pull up banners. This keeps money within the university.  If you wish to use alternate vendor, we recommend that you get a number of bids to ensure you get the best price. Please remember that Sign Shop and a IMGCL licensed vendor know the Boise State brand standards.

As mentioned above, you may wish to use your Companion Mark, or you may prefer to use your department name as the headline at the top of the banner, with the University Signature Mark at the bottom.  Some examples of banners are below

Images courtesy of University Printing and Graphics and Sign Shop

PHOTO.CampusSecurityBanner22   IMAGE..101967_VPResearch-VentureCollege_Pull-up_Banners_v3_Page_1-1 Banner example COBE  Banner example EMBA

IMAGE.COBE BannersCareer Center banners photo