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Commercial Merchandise

The Director of Trademark Licensing, who oversees the use of the University’s Trademarks on all products and services, works closely with IMG Collegiate Licensing (IMGCL) to ensure that all products bearing University Trademarks are produced by licensed vendors. All designs must be approved by the Director of Trademark Licensing before manufacture of products can begin. The University’s royalty rate (the fee to use the trademarks) is 12% on products sold commercially. This rate does not apply to certain University orders if a fee waiver is obtained from the Director of Trademark Licensing.  You may submit a royalty waiver here.

Licensing Process

Any person, business, or organization desiring who wishes to produce merchandise bearing the University’s Trademarks must submit a license application. This application informs Boise State about how its marks will be used, what type of product the applicant makes, how the University is going to be represented and such like. The University has arranged for licenses for products for distribution at retail to be issued by IMG Collegiate Licensing (IMGCL) on the University’s behalf.   IMGCL represents nearly 200 schools, bowls, and conferences, in the event you wish to become licensed for other institutions other than Boise State.

To view the application form, visit IMGCL online ( and it will explain all of the steps and information needed to complete the process.  Alternatively you can contact IMGCL directly at (770) 956-0520.

Please expect a minimum of 8-12 weeks for completion of the Standard license application.  It is also recommended that you notify the Boise State Licensing Department at the same time via that you are submitting the IMGCL application, so that we are aware of it. View additional details about the licensing process timing.

Detailed information about the applicant, proposed product, retail relationships and marketing plan must be provided in the application in order for IMGCL and the University to properly consider the application. Three types of license are offered through IMGCL and details are set out below. If you prefer a more visual description the document at this link may be useful These licenses are:

  • Standard License: available to companies interested in producing University branded merchandise for distribution to the retail community for more than just Boise State and other Idaho universities.  This license is intended for companies that are capable of extensive production and retail distribution of their product(s) and/or are introducing a unique and commercially viable product to the collegiate market. The Standard License is usually not for first-time applicants or companies without well-established marketing plans, existing product distribution, and/or a solid financial history of selling licensed products.  This is the most challenging and expensive type of license to pursue.
  • Local/In-state License is an option for companies who are only interested in producing product for Boise State and/or other in-state universities. Companies licensed under the local/in-state agreement do not have the option of pursuing other universities outside the state of Idaho for a period of one year. This option is recommended for start-up companies or companies that have limited licensing experience.
  • Internal Campus Supplier (ICS) License is available to companies that produce product for internal/on-campus consumption only. Under this license, the licensee may not make any product that is intended for resale, whether by the licensee or the licensee’s customer.

IMGCL separates products for which a license can be obtained into three categories. Advance fee amounts are based upon the product category(s) for which a person or company intends to obtain a license. Generally, the following products fall under Category A advance fees ($500): Apparel, Headwear, Balls, Footwear, and Health & Beauty Products. Other non-apparel products fall under Category B advance fees ($250). The Category C advance fee ($100) is charged only under special circumstances and in limited situations.  Boise State’s royalty rate is currently 12% on wholesale for regular product subject to minimums (MRUs) for some apparel categories.

The following items are required for a completed application and your application will not be reviewed until IMGCL has received all of these materials: completed application, check for application fee ($1,000 for Standard license and $100 for Local & ICS applications), marketing & distribution plan, credit report, financial statement, and quality sample.

The total costs of obtaining a license agreement with IMGCL will include the IMGCL application fees outlined above and the advance royalty fee of $50-1,000 (depending on the license and if you are requesting multiple institutions); the cost of obtaining a minimum of $1,000,000 in Product Liability Insurance (which can cost $200+ or $1,000+ depending on product to be licensed); Fair Labor Association dues; application fees; marketing costs; product development; sample production and approval costs; purchase of “Officially Licensed Collegiate Product” hangtags and holograms and a 12% royalty rate. Furthermore, licensees are required to submit product samples and designs for approval prior to production of the goods. More details can be found on the IMGCL website (  A synopsis of the IMGCL license agreement can be found at this link.

After review by IMGCL, the Boise State Office of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement  will review all applications for licenses and each product design and the University will make the final decision to approve or disapprove the request. The University reserves the right to decline to license products upon review in its sole discretion.

If you are not sure whether you qualify for a IMGCL license, please feel free to contact the Office of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement by phone (208) 426 4063 or via email

PLEASE NOTE: Boise State and IMGCL highly recommend that potential licensees seek and contact retailers to gauge interest in their product before applying for a license.

If a potential licensee requires a one time license in order to produce Boise State themed samples to show to retail prior to applying for a license, please contact to request a “One Time License for Samples”.  This license is not a license to sell your product, just to use Boise State trademarks and indicia to create a sample.

Labor Practices/Code of Conduct

Boise State University is committed to the concept that all merchandise bearing reference to the University (including names of each department and any recognized club and organization affiliated with the University) will be manufactured by companies whose labor policies insure that their employees are safe from abusive labor conditions. The University is a member of the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and supports its labor Code Standards that require manufacturers of licensed products to certify their compliance with the Code. In addition to certifying its compliance with the Code, licensees are required to disclose the location, address, phone number, email, and contact person for each facility it owns or contracts with for the production of goods, and they must authorize the FLA to make announced or unannounced inspections of their manufacturing facilities.

All licensed vendors are required to become a member of the FLA and comply with the FLA Code of Conduct.

Crafters License

For items that are handmade and intended for sale through craft fairs, a Crafters License may be available. Please refer to the Crafter’s License page.