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Obtaining a license

There are two forms of licenses available with Boise State University, dependent upon the type of product, how it is manufactured, and whether you are an in-state individual.

1.  Crafter’s License Form.  A crafter’s license is available to in-state individuals who hand make items at home and do not intend to sell these items wholesale to retail stores, but instead sell their hand crafted items at craft fairs, farmers market, online through and such like.  The licensing process can take up to a month, especially during football season. Please view our video outlining the Boise State University Crafter Program.

2.  IMGCL License.  For companies and individuals who have a product that they wish to sell in retail stores and/or which is commercially manufactured, must apply for a license through our licensing agents, IMG Collegiate Licensing.  The IMGCL licensing process can take a few months as it is very thorough, as is required for Boise State retail merchandise. This video outlines the IMG Collegiate Licensing License options (note that references to CLC are to IMGCL).

If you are a business who wishes to use the Boise State Broncos name, trademarks or indicia in association with your business, you will need an advertising or sponsorship agreement.  For this, please contact Bronco Sports Properties.