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Licensing Program

Items for sale using the University Trademarks must be licensed.

If you are an Idaho resident who is interested in hand-making items using Boise State trademarks, you are eligible to apply for a Crafter’s License.

If you are a business interested in producing items using the Boise State trademarks, you can apply for a license with our licensing agents, IMG Collegiate Licensing (IMGCL).

Boise State University’s registered trademarks, as well as other names, seals, logos, school colors and other indicia (“University Trademarks ”) that are representative of the University may be used solely with permission of Boise State University. Items offered for sale to the public bearing the University Trademarks must be licensed. Items manufactured for internal use, by students or staff or affiliates, must be first approved internally (as set out in more detail herein) and must be manufactured by a licensed vendor.

CLC Label

All IMGCL licensed vendors are required to identify their product with the “Officially Licensed Collegiate Products” label. With this label, alumni, students, fans and supporters know they are buying a product of quality and authenticity that has been manufactured in accordance with University set standards. At Boise State University, net revenues generated through the sale of licensed merchandise support the University’s general fund and athletic programs. Products that do not bear the label, but use the marks of Boise State University, may represent infringement of the trademark laws.

Licensing Process–Standard License

1. IMGCL Review: After the required paperwork is submitted to IMGCL (including any needed insurance information, marketing plans, etc.), the potential licensee and company information is sent to the University for review and approval.  IMGCL will also forward any samples of product for the University to review production quality, and all relevant information to assist the University in the decision-making process.

2. University Review: The University will then review the company information, the product and its quality, and make a decision on whether or not to approve the company as a licensee.  The approval process may include all or some individuals from the licensing agent, University Office of Trademark Licensing, and other parties as appropriate.

3. Decision Notification: Approval (or disapproval) of the licensee by the University will be sent to IMGCL, who will notify the potential licensee of the decision.  Once approval has been granted, the licensee may proceed with submitting products/artwork for approval.

For information regarding handmade products and small projects, please refer to Crafter’s License.

For information on the Graphic Identity Policy and style guide, please refer to Graphic Identity Reference Guide.

For additional information regarding either acceptable or inappropriate uses of trademarks that is not covered in this policy, please contact the Director of Trademark Licensing on 208-426-4063 or at

This policy may be altered at any time without prior notice.