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Licensed Vendors

Any third parties and all campus entities, including student groups, must use a licensed vendor to produce any merchandise or apparel with the Boise State name and/or logo(s) or other reference to Boise State.

For Boise State entities and groups, this applies whether the items are intended for the department/organizations own use (e.g. team shirts); promotional pieces, or items to be sold for fundraising.  For more information click here.

For third parties, the licensed vendor will seek permission from Boise State with regard to your proposed use – whether personal or for commercial purposes.  Please note that the use of the university trademarks for commercial use is restricted as detailed on this website.

For details of licensed vendors, please visit the links identified below or, a more user friendly search tool can be found on the IMGCL site at this link.

Licensees that produce products for resale:

Licensees that produce products for campus use not for resale:

Promotional product licensees:

Vehicle wrap and printing licensees:

Print orders

As mentioned above, for all merchandise and apparel orders, departments must use a vendor who is licensed for the university though its licensing agent, IMG Collegiate Licensing licensed vendor.  For print pieces, please view the university print guidelines