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Filming on campus – Facilites Use Policies and Procedures


The facility at issue is referred to herein as “the Facility” and the event at issue is referred to herein as “the Event.”

Boise State University is herein referred to as “University” and the organization or individual using the Facility is referred to as “User.” University and User are sometimes referred to collectively as the “Parties” and each, individually, as a “Party.”

Parking : User is responsible for making any necessary parking arrangements through Parking Services. Individual permits and lot reservations are available. The cost of these options will vary based on the non-profit status of User, if applicable, and the size and location of the Event. Once this Agreement is signed, dated, and placed on file, User may contact Parking Services directly at 208-426-4393 to finalize parking arrangements. Arrangements should be made and confirmed as soon as possible after signing this Agreement.

Building Hours & Time Constraints: The Facility may be occupied by User only during the dates and times described in this Agreement.   If User remains after the scheduled reservation end time, User may be billed additional charges.

Day of Event Changes: Last minute changes or additions should be communicated through the assigned Event Coordinator / University representative. University will attempt to accommodate User’s needs whenever possible. If addition set up or labor is required to accommodate last minute changes, User may be billed additional charges.

Room Condition: The condition of each facility is checked before and after each event. Users are held responsible for leaving the Facility in no worse condition than it was found.   Additional charges may be assessed for abuse, misuse, or damage to the Facility or to equipment within the Facility.

Smoking Policy: Smoking is not permitted in the Facility. Boise State is a smoke-free campus.

Signs, Banners & Decorations: All signs, banners, displays, tents, and decorations must be approved in advance by University.  Signs, banners and decorations must be made of flame retardant materials.  Alteration of existing Department decorations is prohibited.  Candles, incense, fog machines, pyrotechnics, “smudging”, or fire are not allowed due to current fire codes and interaction with the Facility’s smoke detection system.

Storage: Storage space is limited and appropriate charges may be assessed. If available, storage should not exceed 48 hours prior to the day of the Event or after the Event. Advance storage arrangements must be made through the Event Coordinator / University representative.  University is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.  Arrangements can be made to ship items after the Event. Shipping costs plus a $25 processing fee must be paid in advance.

Co-Sponsorship: Co-sponsorships, partnerships, or other associations or co-operative arrangements with campus organizations are not permitted without express prior approval from University. For permission, contact the University Office of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement (; ph (208) 426 1358). Attempts to affiliate with a campus organization for the purpose of securing a more favorable rental rate could result in immediate cancellation, loss of deposits, and other damages as appropriate.

Solicitation & Fundraising : Fundraising and/or solicitation for donations by User in relation to this Agreement require prior approval from University Office of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement (; ph (208) 426 1358. Approval will not necessarily be granted.

Trademark/Licensing: Boise State University’s registered trademarks, as well as other names, seals, logos, school colors, and other indicia that are representative of Boise State may be used solely with permission of Boise State. Requests and/or artwork should be submitted to the Director of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement via email to for approval.

Publicity: User shall submit for University’s approval all advertising concerning User’s use of the Facility at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to its publication or dissemination. To seek approval, contact the Office of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement (; ph (208) 426 1358.)

Billing: University will invoice User monthly and User is responsible for paying any balance within thirty (30) days.

Additional Charges: Additional cleaning charges will be assessed if the Event requires extra labor. Cleaning charges are billed on a per hour, per staff member basis. Other additional charges may include, but are not limited to, food service, outside rentals, audio visual services, parking, and event security.

Termination: University may terminate the Location Agreement for convenience at any time, for any reason, upon fourteen (14) calendar days’ notice to User or within two (2) days after the Agreement is signed, dated, and placed on file, whichever is shorter.  University may terminate the Location Agreement for priority upon twenty-four (24) hours’ notice to User, only in the event that an Official University Department Event requires use of the Facility. University shall provide notice to User as soon as possible after becoming aware of a scheduling conflict. If University terminates for priority, University shall make its best efforts to reschedule the reservation.  In the event University terminates the Location Agreement for convenience or priority, any payments shall be refunded to User.  If User wishes to terminate the Location Agreement, User must provide fourteen (14) calendar days’ notice to University or notice within two (2) days after the Agreement is signed, dated, and placed on file, whichever is shorter.

If User shall fail, neglect, or refuse to keep and perform any of the terms, covenants, conditions, or agreements contained in the Location Agreement, then the Agreement will be deemed to have been materially breached and University may terminate all of User’s rights immediately without liability to University and without refunding any payments or releasing User from its liability to pay any charges.

Damage: User shall be primarily responsible to University for any and all damage of any nature and by whomsoever caused to the Facility arising out of User’s use of the Facility including, but not limited to, any consequential damages University may suffer because of loss of use of the Facility.