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How do I get approval for a T-shirt design for an approved University Club or my department?

Please submit your design, together with details of which IMGCL licensee you are using, or considering, to for approval.  For University Student Clubs, please also ensure that you have the appropriate approvals from Student Leadership and Involvement Center and, if appropriate, the Bookstore fundraising request approval.

How do I order t-shirts and/or other merchandise?

A licensed vendor must be used for all campus merchandise, whether for departmental use, promotional giveaway items or for fundraising resale.  Please complete the Campus or Sponsor Merchandise Form.  Once you have obtained the appropriate approvals needed, you may choose a licensed vendor to manufacture your product.

When and why do I need approval to use the University and/or Athletic Logo(s)?

Whenever any trademark is used that identifies, or is associated with Boise State University requires written authorization by the Director of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement.  This includes applying the University name to merchandise, not just the logo use.  For more information, please refer to:

The Athletics logo (Bronco logo and its variations) is reserved exclusively for use by the Athletics Department and its sponsors and licensees.

Which departmental logos are approved?

Secondary department logos are not permitted under the University Graphic Identity Guidelines. Logos for non-Athletic departmental use must include the University diamond symbol and following the prescribed guidelines, as set out in the Graphic Identity Guide.

What's the acceptable use policy for department/University trademarks?

To create a consistent message in our University branding, we have to reduce the number of secondary logos.  The prescribed Companion Mark for departments, which complements the University Signature Mark, is set out in the University Brand Standards.

The representation of a University department or University initiative should use the University branding, which already carries significant goodwill and recognition.  A secondary logo for a program will not be approved and/or you may be requested to cease using it.  If you want to brand a program or initiative, the University Signature Mark should serve as your umbrella and then the header and message/text would explain the program.

Can I sell my product at the Bookstore?

While the Boise State Bookstore only sells licensed product, it is not obligated to sell the product of all Boise State licensees (which number is excess of 350).  It is up to the licensee to market, sell, and distribute its product within the distribution channels permitted within its license.

Who are the retailers for Boise State and how do I get my product into those stores?

A list of retailers currently selling Boise State product can be found in pdf format here.  This list is constantly being updated.  Also, if you would like, you may submit details of your sales information for your product to the licensing department to send to key retailers, please email

What fees, if any, are associated once I have an approved design?

If you are ordering your product through an existing licensee, while the application process itself requires no payment, (unless you are paying for additional design costs), there may be digitization costs and also royalties will be assessed.  If any royalties are payable on your product, the licensed vendor will include them on the cost to you.  The licensed vendor is responsible for accounting royalties to IMG Collegiate Licensing (IMGCL), the University’s licensing agent, not you.  For information about royalty waivers, and to view the application, click here.

Can I add a name to a replica jersey I've already purchased?

NCAA policy prohibits the sale of merchandise referring to a current student athlete’s name and number.  If you personally add the players name to a replica jersey or utilize their name or image on or in any product or merchandise, you could be risking that student-athlete’s eligibility.  We kindly asked that you don’t!

How do I report an infringement?

If you believe that you have seen products or services that appear to not be licensed by Boise State University, please send the details to the Director of Trademark Licensing, Office of General Counsel, Mail Stop 1002, 1910 University Drive, Boise, ID, 83725-1002 or via email For further Enforcement Information, please click here.

May I give away game tickets as part of a promotion or sweepstakes?

Game tickets may not be offered in a commercial promotion or as a prize in a sweepstakes or contest without prior University approval.  The University reserves the right to deny requests in its sole discretion to protect rights granted to sponsors and licensees.  Please contact Bronco Sports Properties if you wish to offer tickets, or other Boise State items such as jerseys, as part of a commercial promotion or as a prize in a commercial contest or sweepstakes event.

Can I sell the photo I took at a Bronco game or a painting I made of the game

From an NCAA perspective, an artist could not sell a painting of a current student-athlete, nor a photographer a photo of a current student-athlete, even for private use, until the student-athlete has exhausted his/her eligibility.  Additionally the piece could not be displayed in any way for profit until after the student-athlete has exhausted his/her eligibility.  Current student-athletes cannot have their name, image or likeness used by a commercial entity, except in situations involving the media.  If the painting was unidentifiable, meaning you could tell the painting was of Boise State players, but they were not identifiable, there would not be any NCAA issues.

However, even if the NCAA rules do not apply, each person owns the rights in his or her image.  Therefore to sell, even for private use, the image of that person, you would need to get their consent.  If the player is now a player for a professional team, you may also need consent from the respective players association e.g. the NFL Player’s Association.

See this link for more information on using people’s images in licensed products

How do I get a license?

There are three main questions to ask yourself to determine which license best suits you.
1. Do you wish to sell your product through retail stores?—Local or Standard License
2. Do you wish to sell items to internal departments only?—Internal Campus Supplier Agreement
3.  Do you wish to sell only to craft fairs, bazaars, and other local farmers market events?—Crafter’s License