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Department sales through The Bookstore

Do you want to sell t-shirts to raise money and awareness for your department?

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The Bronco Shop is the exclusive retailer on campus.  Any department wishing to sell items would need to complete Retailer Merchandising Exemption Form (click here for link or access it via

The Bronco Shop can offer campus departments a partnership of “print on demand” shirts/options. This prevents the department from an out of pocket investment in shirts that may or may not sell. The Bronco Shop places the items on its website and provides the link to the department to  advertise the products and send customers to the Bookstore site for purchase. Bookstore can then print on demand upon receipt of orders.  Bookstore deducts its costs and overhead from the sales price and provides the department a designated amount for the sale of each item.  In addition, The Bronco Shop has all the necessary sales permits and can handle the necessary tax reporting.   This provides a convenient way for departments to have their shirts printed and have a “storefront” as well.

Once you have reached arrangement with the Bronco Shop, the final design of the shirt will go through the Office of Trademark Licensing (via Bronco Shop) for approval.

As a note, you may want to consider a shirt with “two hits” i.e. a design on the front (one hit) and the department companion mark on the sleeve or on the back (second hit.) The Office of Trademark Licensing can provide a specific merchandise mark which is an abbreviated department logo which will print better on shirts.  Our office would provide that directly to the printer/Bronco Shop.  When you are in the design phase, contact us and we can make that available to you.

If you have any questions you can contact The Bronco Shop directly (Abby LaChance, Custom Insignia Coordinator at or phone (208) 426-2671.  Alternatively you can contact us at or (208) 426-4063