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Licensed Vendors

Only vendors who are licensed through CLC may reproduce items bearing the University name, logo(s) and other trademarks and indicia (“Licensed Vendor”). This applies to T-shirts and other merchandise made for on-campus use (for use by departments and campus organizations) and for third parties.  Licensed vendors have been vetted for product quality and have sufficient product liability insurance of at least $1mm in the event of a defect. In addition, all licensed vendors are required to comply with fair labor codes, for example, that the product has not been made in a sweatshop.

Royalties are payable on all orders unless the merchandise is for departmental or student on-campus, not for sale, own use.  Fund-raising activities or premium or giveaway product that includes the use of commercial sponsor’s names or logos, on the licensed product, may be assessed a higher (premium) royalty.

University Departmental Use:

Merchandise that is produced for use by University departments, campus organizations and student organizations are usually royalty exempt unless the merchandise is to be used for fund-raising. In such instances, the respective department or organization needs to provide the Licensed Vendor with a royalty waiver. The royalty waiver may only be obtained from the Director of Trademark Licensing and it should be given to the Licensed Vendor being used, so that the vendor does not include any royalty fees in the manufacture price.  A royalty waiver should be requested in the campus and sponsor merchandise approval form.

Student Organizations:

Separate approval required from Student Involvement and Leadership prior to submitting the campus merchandise approval form.


Boise State Bookstore approval is required prior to submitting the campus and sponsor merchandise approval form.

Sponsor Use:

All branded and co-branded Boise State University merchandise produced by sponsors must be made by a Licensed Vendor (refer to lists below) and must first be approved by the University Trademark Licensing and Enforcement Office.  To obtain approval, please submit the campus and sponsor merchandise approval form or the Licensed Vendor will submit artwork to the Licensing Office for approval.  Premium royalties shall be assessed on all product.